There's a LOT of tech involved with Jefferson's Journey. Sure, they didn't have all of this stuff 150 years ago, but that doesn't mean we can't take advantage of all the cool gear that the tech world has to offer!



Tiles are unbelievably helpful little products. That little white square makes sure that Captain Ted never loses his keys! Just use the Tile app to locate anything with a Tile attached via bluetooth!




Nest Cam

The Nest Camera is perfect for streaming live video of Jefferson's Journey. As long as there's a wifi connection, which we have through some of our other tech, we can stream any part of the journey live on the internet!





Go Pro

We've attached a Go Pro to the boat so we can record high quality video to document the trip. The Nest Cam is perfect for a nice day and a live feed, but when the weather gets iffy, thats when the durability of a Go Pro really shines!





Spot Tracker

If you're on an adventure, there's no better way to track it than with Spot! No matter where you are around the world, or what you're doing, you can count on Spot to broadcast your location to your very own share page.













Captain Ted would have walked the plank by now if he didn't have music. That's where Bose comes in! Thanks to Bose, El Captian can bounce back in forth between his favorite two genres of music: Bluegrass and Dubstep.




Kodak Pixpro

With the booming of 360 degree/Virtual Reality video, we decided that we would hop on-board! The Kodak Pixpro helps us out in this department with two super wide angle 4K cameras. We'll stitch the videos together and you'll be able to see the journey in a whole new light!



Last but definitely not least is our Pepwave! We wouldn't be able to show off any of this cool tech without connection! That's where the Pepwave truly shines, helping to make this Journey a connected success!