Serious storming made me pull over into Henderson, Indiana, for a bit. The boat was really rocking, and the flavors of the barrel were definitely imparted heavily on the bourbon. While waiting out the storm, I grabbed a bite to eat at the marina.

Finally, the storm let up, and I got back on my way. I made it to the Union Town locks, and saw a crowd of boats gathered.Passage that day was impossible. I started heading back up the river, looking for a place to stop, when I got waived down by some people on a nearby dock. Someone yelled out, “Are you the bourbon guy? You come over here! My friends took pics of you in Evansville!”

These fine folks were the Toon Town Crew, and it was a good thing they were so kind. I was delayed at the locks yet again the next day.Divers were working on the locks,and everyone was stuck in“river purgatory.” Luckily, I still had the fine folks at Toon Town to hang out with. I helped them out around the marina, cooked, ate, listened to music, and had a killer campfire.