I left Rocky Point Marina and headed out towards Owensboro. I was shooting to arrive at “Friday After Five,” the weekly riverside summer event hosted by the city. I arrived early, and found out that the Owensboro Enquirer had already run an awesome article on the journey. I already had a crowd of bourbon fans and instant friends—I could get used to this!

Thirty-to-forty boats were parked alongside of the Friday After Five Festivities on the beautiful “O-boro” riverfront. It's a great event, and I was honored to bring an extra element to it.

It’s always nice to see my family as well. My aunt and grandparents came out to wish me luck on the rest of the journey. They even brought me an extra Go-Pro battery, so I can livestream the trip more often.

What a great day, after traveling about 30 nautical miles. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Pics by Becca Dossett