June 8

 The water was like glass all day, and the wind nearly non-existent. Simply put, it was gorgeous. The bees seem to know what’s going on now...they can smell the angel's share when the wind is calm, and so can I. No stings yet; these have been peaceful, bourbon loving bees. They just seem really curious as to what’s inside these giant oak barrels.

There's also been a gaggle of geese that paddled by, and some fawns drinking water on the Kentucky shore. The highlight though, was early in the morning. As the fog cleared, I noticed a majestic bird in the corner of my eye. As it got closer, it was a bald eagle! A dream come true! The gorgeous raptor flew right in front of the boat as it looked for its next meal in the river. I followed it as closely as possible, until it flew off to the tree line on the Kentucky shore. What a way to start the day. A presidential bird, for a presidential bourbon!