Jefferson's Bourbon prides itself on the quality and originality of its product. You can be sure that no matter what bottle of Jefferson's you open, you're in for a true treat.

The time has come to take things a step further, though. With the success of Jefferson's Ocean, a bourbon aged at sea, CEO Trey Zoeller decided to recreate (and celebrate) bourbon's first voyage.

In the beginning, bourbon was shipped from Kentucky, all the way down to the ports of New Orleans, where it then continued all the way back up north to New York for shipment across the globe. We're going to recreate that journey exactly. We've strapped two barrels of the finest bourbon you can make to a boat, and we're floating it down the river from Louisville to New Orleans, where it will then continue on to Key West and then finally to New York.

There will be many stops along the way, and whether it's a pit stop for a photo op with the barrels and captain, or a creatively catered party with a celebrity chef, you can be guaranteed a good time and memorable experience.